Dr. Ayelet Segal

Dr. Ayelet Segal has devoted the last 20 years exploring problems in the realm of Cognitive Psychology, Education and Interactive Media both in academia and industry.


Dr. Segal earned a Master and PhD in Cognitive Psychology, Education and Technology from Teachers College, Columbia University in NYC, USA. Her research focuses on embodiment theory and gestural interfaces to promote cognition and learning. She also holds a Master of Arts in Interactive Media from Middlesex University in London, UK. Her thesis was on experiential software in the field of "edutainment" – the integration of entertainment and education. She is the PA Technology Committee Chair of Bank Street School for Children.


Dr. Segal is the co-author of the chapter Embodied Cognition and Learning Environment Design of the book Theoretical foundations of student-centered learning environments. New York: Routledge.
By D. Jonassen and S. Lamb (Eds.)


Dr. Segal has achieved international recognition and critical acclaim and has been honored through international awards and has presented her research at numerous conferences.




*MathGlow research by Segal, Black and Tversky is being published in ”Theoretical foundations of student-centered learning environments.” by D. Jonassen and S. Lamb (2011)*