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MathGlow represents a breakthrough method of helping young minds grapple with the basic principles of early math education. MathGlow is grounded in years of rigorous scientific research centered on the Embodiment Theory. A few hours with this app will shape and accelerate the early development and assimilation of mathematical principles in your child's mind. 
MathGlow is targeted at 4-8 years olds and includes two games with four modes that are adjusted developmentally for each age level:
1. Glowing Blocks – This game teaches counting and addition skills. It assists children to develop advanced learning strategies and consistently improve their performance.
2. Racing Numbers - This game improves number sense skills. Good number sense has been scientifically proven to be predictive of a child's future math skills and standardized math tests achievements.
Each MathGlow game includes 4-5 levels, children have to master a certain math level skill in order to move on and progress. Each child is able to progress on his own pace.
MathGlow helps parents to consistently track their children’s achievements and progress by accessing the parent’s portal that displays a user-friendly summary of their child’s accomplishments. The chart includes all the problems, solutions and levels that the child completed within each game.

Dr. Segal, founder of iGeneration and architect of MathGlow is an educational-technology expert. She earned her PhD from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, USA. MathGlow has been tested in schools and has demonstrated that children who use MathGlow rapidly improve their early math skills of counting, addition and number sense estimation.

MathGlow’s touch based gestures used in solving the math problems prompt the child to manipulate virtual objects directly on the iPad interface providing visual, audio, kinestatic and sensory bio-feedback, reinforcing meaningful learning experiences. When children use their fingers literally to count on the screen they perform better, learn faster and achieve more exercises in a shorter span of time.

MathGlow is a fun, engaging learning game that gets consistent results!

  • Easy performance tracking: MathGlow allows parents to track their children’s achievements and progress
  • Tested in schools: MathGlow successfully tested in schools on 130 children aged 4-8 years old
  • Enhanced performance: Children who used MathGlow on the iPad performed better with counting, addition and number-line estimation tasks than children who used mouse based interfaces:
  • Better scores: Children consistently score a significantly higher percentage of correct answers
  • Advanced Skills: Children evolve to using advanced strategies significantly more times as compared to mouse based interfaces
  • Improved attention span: Children were fully engaged for the entire 50 minutes session
  • Speed and accuracy: Children spent significantly less time solving the problems
  • Improved Number Sense Skills: The Racing Numbers game predicts and can improve the child's math abilities. Number sense skills are correlated with children's future standardized test results and improved math skills.

*MathGlow research by Segal, Black and Tversky is being published in ”Theoretical foundations of student-centered learning environments.” by D. Jonassen and S. Lamb (2011)*